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Very interesting idea!
Well you have to get it paired to the Wii anyway.
I dont know if the linux distro follows the same steps of original operating system for the pairing process. Theres clearly something non-standard in these remotes, like if their waiting for a strange inquiry message from Wii.

Gesaugen, it is really worth a try.
If you can put your hands on a modified Wii, we will mess around with hci library

Sorry to hear that  :-[
It just confirms my idea that these remotes simply dont broadcast their name.
As shitty as that.
Having their mac address would be helpful, by issuing some low level BT command to get whatever answer from the device.
This address should be printed on the PCB or come as a sticker.
But given the cheap nature of this stuff it could be noto there at all.
I hope someone else could shed some light on this....

In bin\Release launch
wiiscan -s
the put 1&2 or sync button, see if it lists your device.
Also try to put MAC add in wiiscan.ini in line that looks like


for me it doesn't work :(


Yes it starts blinking right after inserting batteries.

I havent tried this yet 'cos i dont have the remotes handy but you could give it a try, especially if you can read the mac add on the wiimote board.


Same, identical problem here.
3 chinese wiimotes all working flawlessly with Wii console. However I havent been able to detect them with ANY combination of pc BT and smartphone.
I tried to open it to give a look to the chipset but those stupid trilobe screws pushed me back.

Looks like these fake clones do not broadcast their MAC, but instead wait for detection of a wii signal.

Is there a workaround for this? Could we force a pairing if we know the wiimote MAC?

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