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So i contact someone form about my issue. He had me run a commad that would record what was going wrong with the software. He stated that the program is shutting down normally and is not crashing at all. I have no i dea why it is doing this. I don't have another wiimote to test. I think my home button might be stuck which would cause the software to shutdown.

I have use the java version same thing happens.

All of this start when i hook up an external bluetooth dongle. I have an internal dongle as well but i was wanting to use the external dongle, that is the one I will be using on a different computer. I was trying to use on my MAC to show my teacher how it would work before i installed in on the schools computers. I also have Darwiinmote, but this program is still working fine. I don't know what is going on with the bluetooth dongle. If there is anything wrong at all. That is just the only thing i can think of what has change from the time it was working to the time it is not working.

Thank again

I downloaded Wiimote Whiteboard about a week ago. I tried it out and it worked great, but now immediately after the Wii remote has establish a connection, Wiimote Whiteboard disappears. I do not get any error at all and the log window does not stay open so i can review it. I have repeated this process at least 30 times and Wiimote Whiteboard just continues to crash. It will not stay running or stay connected to the Wii remote.

I am using a MacBook Pro OS X Version 10.5.5
Wiimote Whiteboard Version 0.9.7 (20080613)

If anyone has any ideas on what is going on PLEASE help. I am trying to get this working for my local College. I am suppose to do a presentation on thursday 10/16/2008.

Thank you in advance.

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