Author Topic: Wiimote + Midi = Music Videos  (Read 9331 times)

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on: January 11, 2009, 12:05:47 AM
Wiimote Friends

What to make music with your Wiimote here you go:

a step by step method for using the Wii controller to output MIDI control to Apple Logic Pro and "conduct" MIDI with the Wii stick!

This time I worked on integrating the Wiidi Wiimote MIDI interface with Ableton Live. I mapped all the Wiimote and Nunchuck buttons, including the joypad, which can be used as a fully functional X-Y controller.
I'm currently working on streamlining the application interface so you can customize the button mappings on the fly. In this video I demonstrate the ability to control knobs by tilting the remote or nunchuck. Drums can also be triggered by snapping the wiimote or nunchuck like a drum stick-- and it can determine sensitivity!
The best part is, Wiidi will be available for download soon! Follow along at

me explaining how you can convert the osc impulses from wiimote into readable midi pitch data to a daw, like ableton live, using pure data, osculator, and IAC Bus Driver

Midi Ableton Live Wiimote

Basically you can play music without really touching anything. Its a pen with a LED that is activated when the button at the back is pressed.
You can also set any type of key layout, scales, full chords regions, can control any fader/knob in reason or any music software that allows external midi control. Also is cool to apply it on Resolume with video efects. My English is hilarious.

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