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QUICKUSB Battery Eliminator with Auto Connect (Item #13 - $25.99)

Tired of getting on a stool or reaching up with a yardstick to push the 1 and 2 buttons? With this power source, never touch the 1 and 2 buttons ever again. Our QUICKUSB Auto Connect Battery Eliminator makes connecting your wii remote to your computer a snap. And best of all, it's hands free. One end plugs into an available USB port on your projector and the other end replaces the battery cover on the wii remote. The QUICKUSB will automatically place your wii remote into discovery mode when it receives power. This wonderful device will receive power from any USB port and will supply the wii remote with the perfect voltage. It works seemlessly with Smoothboard's SmoothConnect feature (recommended) and pratically eliminates recalibrating your IWB. The QUICKUSB Auto Connect Battery Eliminator sports the universal USB Mini 5 connection and has a cable length of 30 inches. Note: *Unlike our USB Battery Charger, this product does not contain a battery*

Your morning routine will look like this:

    * Start Your Smoothboard Software
    * Turn on Your Projector
    * Start teaching with your Wii Remote Interactive Whiteboard!

If you do not have a USB port on the back of your projector, no worries. Just combine this with our All-In-One (Coming soon...)

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