Author Topic: Detect more than 2 IR sources ?  (Read 7677 times)

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on: February 02, 2010, 12:32:06 PM
Hey there,
I'm currently working on a Wiimote headtracking project and I am not able to detect more than 2 IR sources. Problem persists no matter which library I use (wiiuse, libwiimote, libcwiid (ubuntu 9.10)). IR screen on wmgui shows only 2 IR dots as well, no matter how many IR LEDs I arrange in front of the Wiimote. I know the camera is capable of detecting more than 2 sources and libraries are as well, but it just doesn't work. Has anyone ever had a similar problem or managed to detect more than 2 sources with linux libraries ?

I've tried different Wiimotes and USB dongles, nothing has helped so far :(