Author Topic: The IR Great Rear Projection System for Wii Remote IWB  (Read 19314 times)

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on: October 12, 2011, 10:25:14 PM

This 30" rear projection screen can be added to any existing IR Great Interactive Whiteboard system and has a 24" x 18" interactive area. This will allow you to place the projector and sensor behind the rear projection screen and interact on the front of the screen which will increase the usability of the system in small spaces. This setup works great for presenting material and allowing audience participation without getting in your own way! Our rear projection screen also has replaceable screen in the event it is damaged. This screen can also be used as a standalone low-cost alternative to high priced rear projection screens on the market. Please contact us for more details. Works great with Smoothboard and the Wii Remote Interactive Whiteboard. Great for the business presenter, trade shows and the classroom. Our special screen material allows the Wii remote and projector to be placed behind the screen while allowing the Wii remote to read our IR Classroom Pen through the screen. Very Light weight and portable. Frame is black aluminum and supports are made of thick 1.5" PVC. Frames are shipped fully assembled. Just snap on the legs and you are ready to present. (IR Great Interactive Whiteboard Kit sold separately) NOT SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY. Lead time: 2 weeks
Manufactured by: IR Great Innovations, LLC
Merchant SKU: 2418rps
Interactive Area: 24" x 18"
Light-Weight Design
Perfect for Trade Shows
Great for Interactive Corners in the classroom
30" screen (diagonal)

They can be customized to practically any size but our 4 standard sizes (interactive screen area) are:
24" x 18" (4:3 ratio)
32" x 18" (16:9 ratio)
36" x 27" (4:3 ratio)
48" x 27" (16:9 ratio)

Our screen does not produce a "hotspot".
Wii remote and projector placed behind the screen. Wii remote reads our IR Classroom Pen through the screen. Very Light weight and portable.

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Reply #2 on: January 25, 2012, 09:06:30 PM

This rear projection system with rear mounted sensor looks impressive.

I wonder if four calibration leds could be mounted on the back of the screen at the frame corners, so when the system is switched on it would automatically calibrate the screen, and then switch off the leds for normal use.

Anyhow, seems like a good idea to me.


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Reply #3 on: March 09, 2012, 12:22:26 AM
Thanks for the interest.