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How can I change everything in the scene? like:
Add one or more 3d models
Change the targets from 2d images to 3d objects
If there is a way to import 3d objects directly, what is it?
If not, could you please tell me how I can code (in the source I think) the display of objects with textures and point me to a good source of information about the codes to use and how to use them? Thanks again for any answer.

I chose to use the Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking concept for my high school's last year personal project and I need to know what are the possibilities for something interesting I could present. I have roughly 3 months to do it. And just doing the basic idea of Headtracking is not original enough for teachers to be somehow personal. I don't have any problem if it implies learning any programming language.
Thanks for any reply!

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