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Just to make it more clear my question is mainly about a list of adjustement types necessary for the effect.
Something like - when the person moves adjustments in the following parts are necessary:
* 3d model orientation
* 3d model size
* camera position & orientation
... are there any additional adjustments necessary? Like compressing the 3d Model or such?

Somewhere I read about current engines not beeing made for this kind of effect so I wonder what part they lack.

what would be necessary to get the same effects as in Johnny Chung Lee's demo with a full 3d model in a normal engine? Or what part is a problem with a normal engine?

I'm not sure if I'm missing adjustments necessary to the 3d world if a person moves the head. Beside moving the camera and model orientatin/position are there additional adjustments necessary to get the same level of a 3 dimensional effect?

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