Author Topic: Testers Wanted. :)  (Read 9616 times)

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on: March 06, 2009, 11:36:07 PM
I am working on a protype of a project for a class I am taking. It's related to Wireless health and the topic I'm working with is posture, since it relates to back pain, heart attacks, breathing problems, etc. Back pain is also the second-highest cause for disability in the United States.

All you need is a Wii remote, a sensor bar (preferably wireless but the other kind will probably work, too), and a bluetooth connection to your computer. What I did for this sample prototype is I started with Johnny Lee's code for the finger detection and modified to to monitor your posture. It's still under construction and I'm working on a few new features, but I need some people to test and since you guys on here are interested in Wii projects anyway, I thought maybe some of you would be able to help me. :)

If you would just try the program and leave any feedback here or by email, that would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Reply #1 on: April 25, 2009, 08:54:44 AM

I've just tested the V.3. I used an office chair and
a wireless sensor bar and even if the chair is moving
or rotating, it works fine !

Some suggestions :

- More statistics ?
   Ok a percentage of good posture and a 10s-diagram are available.
   For 30mn (or after "ESC" pressed),  graph or a kind of histogram could be interesting
- why not emitting a little sing when the position is too bad ?
  I guess some users might want this application in a background task and will not look at the current result
  before the end of the test.

Anyway, thanks for the application.


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Reply #2 on: July 10, 2009, 07:29:22 PM
Hi Stephanie,
Is your program open source? I am going to be working on a project that looks at shoulder mobility and I was wondering if I could look at your code or maybe you could give me a heads up as to how you track body movements using the Wiimote?
Any help would be appreciated. I would help you test the program, but I unfortunately only have a Wiimote, not a sensor bar though.