Author Topic: Wiimote Y-axis adjustment  (Read 6479 times)

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on: June 07, 2012, 02:26:04 PM
Hi All,
      I just a have a minor problem so nothing too daunting here gang; I would simply like someone to give me an example of a y axis cursor adjustment in glovepie script, what do i mean?:

Ok, When I point my wiimote to my screen, my mouse cursor is actual approximately half a screen lower then where I am pointing (My sensor bar is right on TOP of my monitor) and I'd like to adjust that with a simple: (mouse.y) + ? = wiimote.PointerY or maybe mouse.y = (wiimote.pointerY + ?) or something to that effect.. I've tried a few things like that yet nothing seems to work.
So, how would I go about it? what would be the proper script syntax? Am I adding pixels to my y-axis or is it in degrees? or cm? or inches? Am i even going about it the right way?

Thanks all for whatever feedback you can provide, It's ALWAYS appreciated

Keep Cool