Author Topic: Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 public beta  (Read 7096 times)

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on: January 09, 2015, 06:46:00 PM
The big gateway 3ds firmware update is out today, 3ds owners who have the version 4.5-9.2 firmware will be able to use gateway 3ds flashcart finally, and you can play all the n3ds games todate directly with the gateway 3ds flashcart.

For your info, below is their most reliable US based official reseller

Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 beta official change log
This release also contains an update for the Red Gateway card with:

    improved support for microSD cards
    faster write speeds
    and a surprise feature that will be announced in the next update!

As an extra bonus, we have added support for:

    DOWNGRADING your 4.5+ console back to 4.5!
    RESTORING a NAND dump back to sysnand!