Author Topic: Is it possible to use gloves, that give cursor control and clicks?  (Read 5300 times)

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I'm looking to make some gloves to be used via either the wiimote or an IR webcam. What I'm looking for is to have an IR LED on both forefingers, these leds would permenatly be on and would act as cursors. The fingers of the gloves would then have metal contacts so to be able to pinch two fingers together to create the circuit which would then do a click for that cursor. Not sure exactly how that would work but would it be possible that it's just another IR LED on another finger and when the software sees another one light up then it realises it's a click, or would it just get confused and think it's the other glove?

Basically this:  (from 3:25 onwards)

But with cursors!

Thanks for any help.