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on: February 17, 2008, 09:36:58 PM
Jonny's Head Tracking project video got me really excited and my brain has been playing with the concept for the last 24 hours. Iíve come up with an idea that uses his implementation and Iíd like to share it with you. Keep in mind that the intent of this idea isn't to make another technological leap, but to effectively and efficiently use what Jonny showed is already at hand. The reason I'm sharing this idea is because I have no background in programming or electronics (I've got a management degree and 3 semesters of physics) and am hoping that those of you who have these skills see that this system could revolutionize how we interact with technology and have a strong beneficial impact on society. If I'm right I know making this a reality would be hugely rewarding in all senses of the word. The following is a brief outline of the concept:

- Software (basically what JLs video already showed with a couple add-ons)
      - Tracks and calculates the location, orientation, and focus of a userís subtle head and eye movements relative to a display in real time using input from the hardware described below, renders images appropriate for the orientation of the userís head, creates a ďmouse cursorĒ at the focus point of the userís eyes (transparency of the cursor can be easily adjustedÖmaybe by using the "simple" EKG Jonny Lee and friends came up with), and integrates into major operating systems and software
            - I donít know of any major OS or software that is setup to display or have users interact with it in 3D, but it seems like a modified version of the Windows XP Magnifier program (itís in Accessories - Accessibility) would allow a user to make their monitor act like a window and increase their usable desktop size dramatically i.e. Jonny Lee's football stadium demonstration.

- Hardware to work with the software above
      - Basics
            - Workplace friendly IR camera (wiimote) and emitter (similar to the board JL created to track fingers with the wiimote)
                  - Mounts to monitor or desk or wall?
            - IR reflective contact lenses (do they exist? can we get them made?)
            - IR reflective head gear (same purpose as the glasses JL suggested)
      - Advanced
            - Portable (cell phone, blackberry, etc.) friendly IR camera and emitter (integrated would be best)
                  - Camera and emitter point at user as they interact with hardware
            - Wearable monitor (think glasses)
                  - Eliminates the following deficiencies of a stationary monitor when using the proposed system
                        - The need to have a large screen to ensure itís contents are still comfortably in front of the user as they move their head
                        - The need to be very close to a stationary monitor to ensure itís contents are still comfortably in front of the user as they move their head
                        - Screen images would remain perpendicular to the viewer as they move their head
                        - Energy consumption is reduced (during use and manufacturing of the display), footprint of display is drastically reduced, display becomes portable

Is this feasible? After watching JL's videos it feels like this is something that could be relatively easy to accomplish.

Is this something you would like to work on? I hope it is. I keep coming up with different ways of using a system like this (combined with a portable screen, a ďmonitorlessĒ notebook computer could be created that could be used anytime or anywhere without needing to remove the computer (or phone) from whatever itís being carried in) and I would love to know what kind of ideas you are coming up with.

First things first: we need to make it happen. Depending on how things go I could offer access to CAD software, a state of the art machine shop (they build world class plastic and powder injection molds), and injection molding facility. I'm also willing to help find sources for hardware, do market research, help develop marketing strategies (if we get there), participate in product design, etc.

So, who's out there? What do you know? Can we do this? Ready to have some fun?

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Reply #1 on: September 02, 2010, 12:33:03 AM
I was working in plastic injection molding company for about 5 years. My suggestion is try to have a work in plastic molding company. You should gain many idea to work on it and soon, you can make your design.