Author Topic: 3d camera tracking?  (Read 8927 times)

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on: January 10, 2008, 02:40:19 AM
I thought the sorry state camera tracking is in the wiimote could be actually suitable for camera tracking when slapping 1-4 motes ontop of a camera.

Know problems with this approach -

a) you either have to have the sensor bar to triangulate the actual position which sucks in real outdoor situations where you want free camera movement

b) you have to use lots of wiimote to get the drift down to a minimum hoping that the accellerometers of all wiimotes are not getting off track at the same time in the same direction

Approach I would take: Couple the wiimote data from version b) together with traditional tracking methods to get a stable track. The WiiMote would mainly be used for forward and sideward tilt and to figure out if the camera is actually moving and in what direction - with this data the rest of the tracking proceedure would be sooo much simpler and could be handled almost realtime (just use 8 point tracking in the picture to filter out the drift).
Maybe someone from a company that makes tracking software would be interested in helping out with this project. The most "hacker" friendly of them would be the pixel farm who have an awesome tracker with PFTrack but also offer the only cheap 3d tracker on the market which could be a good basis to work with.

 (I am not affiliated with them just love their products)

Cameratracking using version b) without the software tracking enhancement is already possible using Apples Quartz Composer and the Apple Wiimote libraries. But I only have one WiiMote and the drift is horrible - but its realtime ;) but I am also to dumb to make any kind of good error correction work so maybe some geniouses are have a better go at it. 

if anyone is doing this idea please donīt make it stupid windows only but port it to other operating systems which have also creative people on them who would LOVE such a thing.

if this project gets off the ground somehow please drop me a line I would love to be involved or help in any way possible.