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Comments and Feedback / incorrect pinout USB A connector
« on: July 10, 2010, 01:39:17 PM »

I hope I post this to the correct forum, but on the 'Wiimote modifications' page of your wiki there is shown an image of the connections of a USB type A connector:

I believe this pinout to be incorrect. If I am not mistaken the D+ and D- signals should be switched. As a reference you could look at this wikipedia page about pinouts where it can be seen that the D+ is located next to the ground and the D- next to the +5V:

I guess this doesn't affect your project, because from what I can tell you only use the +5V and the GND. However, I myself was working on another project (which has nothing to do with the wiimote) and found your image via google, which led me to connecting a usb connector incorrectly. Perhaps you can change your image, so others won't make the same mistake and reverse the D+ en D- signals.

kind regards,


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