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Hi all,
Been very busy setting up wiimotes in all classrooms with ceiling mounted Data Projectors at the High School.
The Principal wants to know if students are able to compromise the school network or teachers' laptops by using their own bluetooth devices such as their laptops or mobile phones. The school is worried as a few years ago, a "clever" student was able to log in to the wireless network as an administrator and change files.... oops!
Since then, teachers have been told not to use their wireless connections and bluetooth.
How secure is it when we have so many bluetooth devices in our schhols now. When I started up blue soleil today I instantly saw student mobile phones appear all around the SUN. One teacher has a bluetooth program that allows him to see the approx. location of his students phones when they are on!
I need to assure the Principal that mobile phones can't be used to hack the network and access files on the school server. One teacher claims that it is possible for students to see and read files but not change them. Could this happen???
Also, as more and more students bring laptops to school, how do we ensure and maintain the security of our school network.
If anyone can put some light to this, either good or bad I would be most grateful.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Quick Connection Guide for Teachers
« on: April 22, 2009, 06:33:23 AM »
Hi all,
I've now set up permanently installed systems in all but 2 classrooms as they have Promethean IWB's. To support staff and students (who now calibrate these for the teachers because they love doing it) I made a checklist in case they ran into trouble. It's quite explicit but the teachers who have had to use it said it helped them and the children get their board up and running. They only needed it for the first few times untill they got the hang of it.
Ben asked that I post it so I hope it helps. All wiimotes are mounted to the data projector which is ceiling mounted. They are remotely turned on to sync by a fishing line which hangs down the wall next to my desk. The fishing line runs up the wall, through a hook, across to the data projector through another hook, down the pole and is then looped around the wiimote through a hook which covers buttons 1 and 2. When you pull the line, the buttons are pressed and the wiimote syncs. The wiimote is mounted upside down. The fishing line is almost invisible, cost virtually nothing to set up and works flawlessly. No more racing back and forth across the room between wiimote and laptop before the syncing process times out. Too easy!

My 1st Post!!! I sent the letter below to Benpaddlejones.This is how I did it though. Works unbelievably well.
1. Data projector is mounted from the ceiling and powerpoint is on the ceiling. Obviously all cabling goes through ceilin and comes out the wall near my desk. This was done as in future we are (or were) going to be installing "proper IWB's in our classrooms when more money was avaliable.
2. I've mounted the wiimote on the side of the projector upside down using just on occy strap and a blob of bluetac to just steady it further.
To turn on the wiimote, I simply use my chalk board ruler to press buttons 1 & 2 simultaneously.
3. I use bluesoleil to connect wiimote as HID.
4. Run boonjin and you're away.
5.Children use it all day.
6. Buy ritepen,a handwriting recognition software program.It's functionality is better than I've seen.

Email me at [email protected] if you want any more info.
Would love to hear how you get on!!

The wiimote is powered by DC.I purchased a battery pack off ebay for $6 delivered, plugged in the recharge cord to a phone charger that i had lying around at home. It was the same voltage. It has the usb connection - then I plugged it into the wall. I think the ipod wall charger will work too.Get them cheap, then you never have to worry about batteries again. I was going through a set of batteries every week or so and it was so annoying. Have had it set up permanently now for 7 weeks and it's awesome.

Hi Ben,
You seem to be the person most referred to now who is at the forefront of this technology. I'm using this in my classroom seamlessly (much to the envy of my colleagues who don't have an IWB). Those that have Promethean IWB installed have more problems than me!!!!
Next year, Promethean is developing a software upgrade to allow more than 1 pen to be used simultaneously - probably up to 4. Because I can use the promethean software, do you think boonjin's calibration software will also allow multiple pens?? Is there something already being done to get this happening?? Any ideas as to when the new version will be finished??
At the moment, I cant fault it.
I have invested a lot of my own time to perfect the use of it in the classroom environment. Have the wiimote plugged into a power point and mounted on the side of the data projector which is mounted to the ceiling. I experience almost zero blockout and shadow. It's unreal. I've set it up so that I don't even have to climb up and down ladders any more to turn it on! I can get it going as quick as any "profession" IWB.
The new pressure sensitive pens to be released on 14th Dec. look good. I'm just using the OHP screen in my room anyway and it's fine. Any idea how much they'll be??
I've also surpassed the Promethean IWB in regards to handwriting recognition software - which all who use it say that Promethean isn't worth using as it is not accurate.Also Promethean's OSK is useless. It's too small. Again I have a program that surpasses it and has others quite jealous.
Next purhase is a slim or roll up bluetooth keyboard that I can mount adjacent to the screen on the chalkboard to generate even more seemless interactivity!!! All teachers using the Promethean IWB's are constantly having to go from the IWB to their laptop anyway.
I have been developing a great dealof interest from other local schools and head office as this technology is so affordable, especially in this economic downturn.
I'm telling you personally about my success so that you continue with the amazing work you are doing and to congratulate you for making available to wisdom and expertise toso many people. I wish more people were like you.
If there is anything else you would like me to share in regards to my experiences, please email what you would like to know.
I have been virtually living and breathing wiimote IWB for the past 10 weeks. (in all my spare time that is. But also at work from the moment I turn on my laptop to the time I shut it down at the end of the day).
I know that you must be very busy but I would truly welcome a reply.
Yours sincerely,

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