Author Topic: ArtRage is good for the whiteboard artist.  (Read 6356 times)

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on: December 22, 2008, 02:41:29 PM
Benpaddlejones asked me to post about ArtRage as a good artist oriented program for the whiteboard.

First off, the website to download it at is

The best thing about it is that it has some pretty cool features for an inexpensive $25 USD. Also, about 90% of its functionality can be accessed through a left click, making it almost ideal for the Wiimote Whiteboard. Changing your brush, brush size, selecting colors, selecting your pressure or hardness etc., are all done with sliders and an intuitive GUI interface.

One of the catchy things is that all the tools and brushes are based off of actual artist tools. One tool is a pencil, and it has the texture of a pencil leaving gaps in the line depending on the type of paper you're drawing on. Then you have a paint brush that picks up and mixes colors as you paint it across them. Then there's the palette knife that realistically smudges colors.

I'm big into graphic design, so I use photoshop quite a bit, so when I found out that ArtRage could import and export to PSD format with layers and blendmodes in tact, that was a large selling point for me.

And best of all, you can download the free version HERE. There is a bit of limited functionality, meaning you don't get as many tools to play with, but the saving and opening isn't limited at all! You can still save, import, open, and create as many images as you'd like with no limitations. To see an exact difference between the full version and the starter version, look HERE.

It's a small download, only 7.8 megs, so go ahead and try it for yourself. I know it surprised me with how good it was for its price.

If you're used to programs like Photoshop of Sketchbook, there is a drop in precision as can be expected. The interface is a lot more like Sketchbook. If you're used to physical paints and whatnot and are just making your way into digital art, this is a great choice.

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