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I came to this post trying to get my setup working too.  In the end I fixed my problem by recompiling the program with some fixes from the Wiimote community.  Check the resulting forum thread here:

Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Re: Several Fixes combined Into One
« on: February 13, 2009, 10:47:16 PM »
Great work, any chance you could add to the downloads?

FYI: When you add, you won't see it just PM me and I will approve.

The source for others would eb great too.

benpaddlejones :)

I uploaded the file and source code to the Downloads section, so they'll be available to the general public as soon as you approve...

I'm glad to contribute something back to everyone here who's done some great work!

For those wanting this fix in compiled form for Wiimote DesktopVR, check out this post:

If you're interested, I recompiled DesktopVR for Windows XP (32-bit).  You can find the post at

Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Several Fixes combined Into One
« on: February 13, 2009, 03:15:43 PM »
Ok, so I was having lots of trouble getting Johnny Lee's Wiimote DesktopVR to work on my HP nc6400 laptop (with built-in Bluetooth).  I read about many different fixes, downloaded different .exe files, etc.  Finally I took the plunge and took all of the suggestions and compiled them into one program.  It finally works on my laptop!

Since I had so much trouble, I thought I would compile all of the fixes I could find out there into one package.  Here's the fixes in this package:

- UndCon's improvements / feature additions
- atomriot's connection fix (this was key for me; I tried using the compiled .exe posted by ZaPPZion, but that didn't work--I had to compile the code myself...)*insert-johnnys-app-name-here*-to-connect-help!/
- Ritesh's fullscreen / large screen crash fix

So if you want the above three fixes all in one package (without source), grab the attachment of this post.*  (EDIT: Or go to the Downloads section at;cat=2 to grab the runtime package or source code package as soon as benpaddlejones has approved.)

Here's the setup I have under which I got it all working:

- Windows XP Pro, SP2
- HP / Compaq nc6400 laptop with built-in Bluetooth stack, running MS stack instead of HP's.
- Wiimoteconnect (!!-please-test-it/)
- Smoothboard (version 0.4.6 beta)

First I got Smoothboard running with my HP laptop's bluetooth stack.  I had to follow the instructions found at including removing HP's OEM bluetooth stack and switching to the Microsoft one.  This was with the above setup.

Then I tried running Johnny's Wiimote DesktopVR and had crashes and problems connecting with the Wiimote.  In the end, here's the setup I have it running under with the attached files:

- Windows XP Pro, SP2
- HP / Compaq nc6400 laptop with built-in Bluetooth stack, running MS stack instead of HP's.
- Wiimoteconnect (!!-please-test-it/)
- DirectX 9.0c Nov 2008 (might not be necessary, but I read about this fixing things for some people)
- DirectX SDK (pretty sure this isn't necessary, but I had installed this in hope that it would fix my problems; in the end I needed it for recompiling DesktopVR I think)
- Visual Studio Express 2008 (should only be necessary if you're trying to recompile)
- originally I also ran the .exe files in various compatibility modes (640x480, Disable visual themes, turn off advanced text services), but none of these should be necessary for the attached files

Many thanks to all of the people who run this site and have contributed to all of these Wiimote projects!

*NOTE: You must register on the forum and log in to be able to get post attachments...

(EDIT: The files are now also available in the Downloads section.)

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