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Project Ideas / wiimote as a motion sensor/detector
« on: July 14, 2012, 04:50:31 PM »
there is a topic about this already but it's not what I was thinking what I want to do is make a motion detector ex: wiimote positioned in one place and across from it an IR LED so when someone walks past it breaks the beam and sends an alert to a computer after a certain time, like say everyday at 2:00AM, or when enabled I've already done some testing with smoothboard and my IR pen and my wiimote and when I walked past I was looking at the IR points and it would dissappear then reappear so that part is good I just need a glovepie script or something to tell me when someone walks past and then maybe have it start up a certain program or something anyways that's my idea I hope I can get some help with it thanks  :)

EDIT:tried some glovepie stuff and I proved that it could work I did the following
Code: [Select]
if wiimote.dot1vis = 1 then keyboard.B = 0
if wiimote.dot1vis = 0 then keyboard.B = 1
I tested again with my IR pen and as soon as I let the button go it would type 'b' in notepad until I turned it back on now I need to figure out if glovepie can open another program...

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