Author Topic: Does anyone know that type of array.  (Read 4832 times)

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on: November 26, 2009, 03:29:53 AM
Hi everyone.

I have a stupid problem : an IR array have been bought last year
by someone in my laboratory, but that person is gone and there is
no references of that IR array in files.

So I have an IR array but I don't know what voltage I should use,
and obviously there are no references on the array itself. I have tried
to find look alike array in google image with no result.

So if anyone have a reference for that type of array, or know where I
could find such a reference I will be very glad.

I join here an image of the product, it's about 7x4 cm and has 7x4 led,
the led are blue colored. There are two power cable, a black and a red.

Thank you for your answers