Author Topic: Generic Wiimote Guts and sacrifice!! :)  (Read 7015 times)

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on: January 24, 2011, 12:51:26 PM

i was trying to make something usefull about the generic wiimotes that are so abundant these days,
i came across some great video in youtube from a guy sha433 about laser tracking with the wiimote..
i am not going to modify my original so .. i bought a generic one to make an initial sacrifice and see what
can be found out...

i am from méxico by the way, so not the best english writer..

here are some pics of the generic wiimote internals...

In the file internals 1.jpg you can see the generic wiimote parts
in the file frontal sensor you can see the image sensor of the generic wiimote, this sensor was covered
bye the items in the camera pieces file.
and finaly the file filter inside de camera you can see the little filter that was inside de lens of the camera.

one thing that interested me is that the filter does't seem like a visible light block ir pass filter, it looks a lot like a standar filter for IR light... and the thing that does block visible light is the rectangular black piece. by seeing light thru it everything looks red...

also, it should be noted that this wiimote worked perfectly and fast tracking IR pens, but only was able to track 2 of them, and since there was nothing else inside that little camera ( that difers from the one in the original wiimote ) i could asume that removing the exterior filter it could be sufficient to track other lights including lasers.

so sad that i did't prove this before cracking the damn camera thing open as now i am trying to re-assemble the camera but it doesnt seem to work anymore, if anyone can orient me i would appreciate it. Right now i dont think there is anything wrong with the hardware, its maybe just a lens adjustment thing...

that little round thing it actually contains a lens that can be graduated so i guess that is why the wiimote is unable to see anything anymore.

hope this wiimote sacrifice is helpfull, nothing would like me more that using generic wiimotes to track lasers,
maybe the generic ones will costs more that the originals LOL.

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Reply #1 on: January 24, 2011, 02:04:51 PM
Ok, so going further .. i took this pictures to see what that black rectangular piece in front
of each sensor does...

It seems that all the visible light blocking/IR pass is done by this peace so.. could it be that simple to have
a generic wiimote track other sources of light like lasers?

too bad my generic wiimote doesn't work anymore ( for now ) so i am unable to test it :(

if anybody got a generic one like this one please try-it and let me know, as the other filter
seems just a color correction filter included inside de camera, as it would not make sense
for it to be an IR block filter, as the wiimote would be blind to IR and this one worked pretty good
(before the sacrifice)
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