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Say Hi! / A big hello to all members
« on: February 09, 2008, 05:23:05 PM »
Hello from Porstsmouth UK.

Found this site through ongoing research into touch screen technologies.
I am specifically interested in the possibilities this has in architecture, i have an ongoing design  to build a working drafting table utilising touch screen technology. eg. the table that adam sandlar uses in the later part of the movie click set in the future.

My second application is for table top gaming, like D&D or Warmachine. allowing players to interface the digital with there physical game - simple example is to project terrain over the board instead of building it all. this would also allow for adaptations during game such as creating or destroying a forest/building.

i wuill sart up threads so anyone interested can follow my progress.

These solutions that utilise the wii remote are fantastic and are now the first choice in stage one for both of these projects.

there will also be a blog for each - whenever i get time.

keep up the good work guys - im impressed with all the projects and i hope mine might help someone else.


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