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i haven't seen anyone mentioning WiiMouse on this forum yet. and since the development of glovePIE seems to have somewhat halted, people may be looking for an alternative to control apps and games in windows with their wiimote.

i've been using WiiMouse for a while now, and i'm absolutely loving it. the usability is imho much better than glovePIE, you have tons of possiblilities and the developer is supporting it very actively. it's the best alternative to glovePIE i've encountered this far.

finally! :D

i've found an solution to pair my wiimotes permanently with the PC using the windows bluetooth stack. and with "permanently" i mean, that only a button-press on the wiimote and no further software or interaction on the PC is needed. it also stays this way after a disconnection of the wiimotes or even a reboot of the PC. the wiimote behaves with the PC exactly like with the wii.

i did this using using a tool called "WiiPair", which is included in a package donwloadable here. (download the "Wiimote ADC"-package at the bottom of the thread).

i have it working with windows 7 x64 and an ASUS BT211 bluetooth stick.

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