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the problem is that i can conect the wiimote to  the pc , but wiinremote and glovepie won't see that the wiimote is there. i've tested with the buit in bluetooth radio of my laptop, and with a usb dongle i've bought, with the windows stack , bluesoleil and the one which came with the doongle (blue manager) and none are working. i tried installing widcomm and toshiba but they seem to not recognize any of the radios (the built in one nor the usb one)

i can actually conect thee wiimote, but i can't pair it. with bluesoleil it detects it as a joystick instead of as a HID, and won't pair with it. blue manager recognizes it as HID though, but with any of this i can use it.

i've looked for solutions around the forums but nothing seems to work.

the wiimote is working, as i can use it on the wii itself and on my phone.

any help? if you need more info just ask for it.

Say Hi! / Hey!
« on: June 27, 2013, 04:09:32 PM »
I'm linkunarre, from spain, and i love computers, electronics and almost everything realted to it.
I like doing experiments with things i have in my house (like thw wiimote, that's why i'm here XD)

that's all! (well, maybe not, but i'm not going to write all my life here :P)

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