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Bluetooth & Connectivity Knowledge Center / Re: wiimote connection weirdness
« on: September 01, 2010, 12:43:43 PM »
I changed the settings, but it still won't connect to the originally connected remote... in fact, it doesn't even find it.

Oh, and I'll get the device manager screen shot up here tomorrow.


I've now tried this on three different computers, and SmoothConnect is still not finding or locating any of my wiimotes.  How is it that it could connect one time, then stop being able to connect to, or even find, any wiimotes at all after that? 

Bluetooth & Connectivity Knowledge Center / wiimote connection weirdness
« on: August 31, 2010, 12:03:30 PM »
I have had trouble connecting my wiimote since I started trying.  First it was a bad bluetooth adapter, now its... well, I don't know really.  I connected the wiimote successfully on the first try, and played around with smoothboard for a while.  Then I closed smoothboard, allowed the wiimote to disconnect, then a little later I went to open smoothboard again, and it took like 10 minutes of trying to connect.  Today, after the computer was off all night, I haven't been able to connect at all... actually, it did connect for a moment, but then disconnected immediately.  I've checked the HID list and tried clearing it out, but that doesn't do anything.  I'm running XP pro, with SP3, with a cambridge usb bluetooth dongle on the XP stack.  Oh, and I guess I should mention that all the wiimotes I've tried have been used with a Wii console. help?

the plot thickens - suddenly I hear the device disconnect sound, and a window pops up saying "USB device not recognized".  the Bluetooth radio is no longer in device manager.  Any chance I have a defective Bluetooth dongle?

I'm confused.  I've got XP pro (fully updated with SP3), and I'm running Smoothboard 2.0 Dongle pack.  I have the mini BT dongle from plugged in, and it shows up as working properly in Device manager, but I can't connect any bt devices to - including the wiimote.  I've tried a couple cell phones and the wiimote.  I'll be trying it on another computer ASAP, but for now is there something I'm missing?  I've read the self-help guide, but I'm still a little lost as to where I'm supposed to go if I can't even get my bluetooth to recognize anything.



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