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i am not really good when it comes to scripting, but what i can do is copy/paste the lines that i need and make small changes.

I am looking for a way to use the WM+ to play car games, and using the wiimote like a wheel. I am already using the code that i saw here for WM+ to play FPS games and it is really good and accurate, i love it, but i did not see any code to use the WM+ like a wheel for race/car games. Is there somewhere something like that that i missed? Or maybe a list of all the variables and functions with explanations.

Thank you.


Did you purchase a non-genuine Wiimote? If so, the connection to the computer may be unreliable.

Also, have you tried using Smoothboard's SmoothConnect to connect the Wiimote when you are using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack?

Boon Jin

Well, the wiimote is not from nintendo, it is from bigben, a well known nintendo accessories manufacturer. The wiimote worked well with bluesoleil v.8(latest), but it is shareware and disconnects the wiimote after 2mb of transfers. I played a bit with halflife 2 and glovepie.

I also tried the microsoft stack, but in my experience(and its not much), its the worst, because my belkin dongle is not recognized by windows, so it doesn't really work, (even after these manipulations I have the microsoft stack control panel, but the wiimote can't be found(and other problems where i can't save settings).

So, i think the best solution for me would be to use widcomm/broadcom, but i am stuck when asked for the pairing code. Maybe the alt-s tip doesn't work because i have to use an earlier version of widcomm? (i use i also tried alt+i ("ignorer" instead of skip, because my OS is french).

Thanks for the help.


i bought a bigben wiimote and nunchuck 3 days ago, and since then i tried to make it work in xp pro sp3 with the belkin bluetooth dongle(F8T017) i also bought. I was so happy when i saw the solution here, but unfortunately it seems that  "alt+s" doesn't work for me (i installed latest drivers from belkin website). I also tried to make it work with the xp built-in bluetooth support, but with no success(also tried bluesoleil but the dongle is not recognized, and with some tweaking in the usb driver files it is recognized but for like 2 sec). Anyone can help please?

to cze : where do you go to manually add hmi device?

Thanks a lot!

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