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Sorry, not paying for anything in order to develop a program. Nor will I tell future users to get another program to use my upcoming program.

Ironically I HAVE been removing device each time, but I had previously added other wiimotes, so drivers for those was still there so it was in conflict with new one. I don't know why it worked for first time, but it works reliably now.

Hmm I removed all HID devices, and tried again. It worked. I'm pretty sure it means I'd have to remove it each time. Pretty lot of work for just one device. :)

Too bad wiimote connector program don't work even ran as admin.

Connection is not the issue. I can reliably connect wiimote each time. The issue is trying to make program read wiimote data. It worked only once.

I was using java library to test, and I got a wiimote.

Connecting wiimote was very straightforward, and my code worked. But then I turned wiimote off.

Now it will connect, and my program will detect, and wiimote lights up led 1, but thats it. I guess library can't read any data off my wiimote. I tried various programs, and it was all same. Nothing could read my wiimote. :(

Windows 7 64 bit, using Microsoft stack.

Yes, I did remove device each time so its a "new device" each time.

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