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problem is that I dont and will not have wii nor I know anyone who has wii at all. also i need HTPC because of 1080p projector theater home setup and 200$ that I would spend on used wii could get me most parts for my HTPC. So it's cheaper for me to buy original wiimote and forget about this problems :/

Sorry, but someone else with modded wii and fake mote would need to provide that kind of info

As I see on the pictures of remotes on the net, there should be sticker with barcode and mac address but I don't have that. Also PCB looks generic, without any unique number set that seams like mac. so no luck :(
I was wondering - is it possible to read mac address via modified wii console, like one with installed linux?

CSR 4.0 BT usb dongle has arrived. I've installed its stack called CSR Harmony wireless software stack v Manufactorer is "Cambridge Silicon radio"

and it also doesn't see this fake wiimote... but it finds my mobile Samsung Galaxy mini S5570i in an instant!

Also I've opened wiimote and I can't see anything that looks like MAC address anywhere. Any help where it should be because maybe it is not in form of a standard mac address?

i don't recall seeing anything that looked alike mac address printed on the board? I'll open remote again to check in detail

also, how do I use this package?

does yours start to blink led immediately after you insert batteries? my doesn't wait a sec, its instantly on blinking like it's trying to sync, i don't event have to push power butt (nor it shuts the remote down)

also my has regular "phillips" screws, not trilobe. I've bought some time ago nice cheap set of all kind of electronic screws for only 9$ on ebay which has also trilobe atachemnt. same as this:

Hi all, noob here
I've bought on ebay fake wiimote  with "motion 2 in 1" declaration. I've tried to sync it on 4 different BT devices: 3 different laptops (HP NC4400, HP probook 6555b, Asus K72JR) and smarthphone with wii controller software (Samsung Galaxy mini S5570I)
I've tried to find it with few BT bundles mentioned here on forums, like Microsoft stack, BlueSoleil and Toshiba. Not single one of combinations have even found the device
So i opened it to see what BT chip dose it have. It's "rda 5875y es189241", looks like 1/4 of size of Broadcom chip that original wiimote uses; specs can be found here:

also I'm a bit confused about remote itself: when I plugged batteries in, its instantly on and I don't need to press power button and if i pres any button LED's start to blink. Also sync button under battery cover is instantly working. Is that normal or should wiimote need some time before it can start with sending and receiving functions?

also i don't have wii console so I can't even try to see if it is working at all or just blinks to mimic that is trying to work?

so... any suggestion how to connect it to PC or eve be able to see does it even work?

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