Author Topic: A summary of Windows Bluetooth Stacks & their connection - Update 16-1-2010  (Read 224304 times)

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    This is summary of the six most common Bluetooth stacks. I will try to cover the fundamentals of each Bluetooth stack and known challenges/issues. Most Bluetooth radios are bundled with their own software & drivers (Bluetooth stack), some interchangeability is possible but it is mostly trial and error.

    The Wiimote was NOT designed to be connected to a PC so connection is not as easy as we would like. WiimoteConnect with the Microsoft stack is currently the easiest and best setup. However, the latest version of Bluesoleil is quite easy to connect and Widcomm is the most stable although requiring a few steps to connect.

    There is no need to enter any pairing code because the Wiimote was not designed to pair to a PC.

     - Microsoft (XP/Vista/MAC Bootcamp)
     - BlueSoleil
     - Widcomm
     - Dell/HP/ect Laptop Inbuilt Stack
     - Toshiba
     - Logitech Stack

    Most Bluetooth devices are bundled with their own software, some interchangeability is possible but is mostly trial and error.

    A summary of compatible devices can be found here:

    If you have anything to add to this knowledge base please PM me.

    If you have a BT connectivity issue please:
    1. Check your device is compatable (see links above)
    2. Read this guide to make sure correct stack version etc & no logitech
    3. Follow the correct connection protocol (ses links with each stack)
    4. Read the self help guide & do what you feel confident doing**-please-read-before-posting-problem**/
    5. Post your problem to the Bluetooth help centre

    Windows Default Bluetooth Stack
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