Author Topic: Making your Wiimote work with Windows 7 PC WITHOUT a pass key...  (Read 30909 times)

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I started this topic to answer a question that never seems answered.  All over the internet, people are having trouble with this.  And, no clear answer comes up.   How do you connect a Wiimote to a Bluetooth dongle on a windows PC?  Especially, Windows Vista, and 7... because, it keeps coming up that you HAVE to have a passkey!  And, nothing you can do stops it from happening.  Everyone is looking for a passkey!

I had the same problem.  I found how to do it with out needing a passkey!  Here's how I did it... hope it works for you...

If you are looking for a passkey... you shouldn't have to... especially if you have Windows 7.  Did you download or install a driver for your Bluetooth dongle? Something that came with the package? Maybe?  Un-install it.  Delete anything else related.  (that was my mistake...) The Factory program wouldn't allow me to use the Windows related set up program. When you put in the dongle, Windows will go to Windows Update to find the driver. Use that driver. What will happen is a Windows driver will be made for the Bluetooth device.

First, with no factory driver, plug in the Bluetooth dongle into the computer.  It will tell you that it is installing a driver...  When it finishes...

Then, go to Start, Control Panel, Devices and Printers.  Your Bluetooth device should be among the icons.  Now... just click on "Add a Device."  A window will come up so that you can search the device...

Now,  turn on the remote... open the battery cover and look for the red button.  Push it.  Set the remote down and wait for the flashing lights on it to stop. The device will communicate now with the dongle. Now, point the remote at the Bluetooth dongle while pushing the red button again a couple of times, while clicking "next' on the search window on your PC monitor... and you will see your remote listed with an Icon.

Double click on the icon.   A pop up will come up, "Create a password, enter a pass word, or no-pass...)  Select "no-pass" and the device will complete the install.  It will check for more drivers and now the remote will communicate with the computer... and you will see a new device... YOUR Wiimote!

Now all you need a GlovePIE program off the internet and a USB infrared Wii sensor bar... or make one yourself... as shown on YouTube and you should be all set...

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