Author Topic: GATEWAY 3DS Release New Firmware V2.6  (Read 6549 times)

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on: November 06, 2014, 02:19:39 AM

Gateway 3ds offical team says about the new kernel 2.6:

Here we are today with another quick update!

While we are still working on the savegame features we promised, at the same time we also have other features in the works. One of these other features was just finished and we were so excited that we could not wait any longer to share it with our users!

So what's the new feature? Support for DevMenu and many other debug System Applications!

With DevMenu you can now install CIA archives straight into the SD card and launch games from there. You can even take out the Gateway red card after booting into Gateway mode and still play the game from SD!

NOTE: We only recommend installing CIA to SD with emunand enabled.

Also, this means homebrew applications now have access to many more services!

As always, ENJOY !

Download: gateway 3ds 2.6

Amazing enough adds full CIA / DevMenu support, which will be big boom for those wishing to develop/install 'homebrew' and other digital eShop 3DSWare type apps/games.

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