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I just started an open hardware project as a building block for all sorts of head tracking related Wiimote projects:

It either uses up to 9 IR-LEDs mounted at the Wiimote-TFT-fitting pointing toward the users head and two to four reflective markers at the tracking gear.
Alternatively you can place two to four 5mm IR-LEDs in tight fitting holes in the tracking gear.

You can use the "kit 2" for monoscopic and stereoscopic (!) VR and gaming projects. overview, images and DIY-downloads latest news on the project

For monoscopic projects, you simply download the EPS/SVG layout files and take them with a sheet of PET-G plastics (250x250x1 mm) to a laser cutting service. The layouts are licensed under (CC) Creative Commons "Attributed" licence.

For stereoscopic projects, you also need the KMQ prism glasses or you can order the pre-cut-DIY-kit "kit 2".
To reduce shipping charges, I look for worldwide enthusiasts to join in providing these kits for your community.

General Hardware Talk / Sources for reflective tape
« on: January 23, 2008, 03:20:32 PM »
I looked for reflective tape and for now only found
3M scotchlite tape that seems not to perform good enough
and industrial grade corner cube reflector plates that cannot be simply cut with scissors and are very expensive.

Where did Johnny Lee get his flexible honey / hex style tape from ?

I prefer this to LEDs on gloves or glasses, because it's wireless.

Update: I've got more samples of 3M "Scotchlite" tapes/self-adhesive-films and now ALL worked well.
Even other, cheaper brands seem to work.
I will update you later, what's best for my type of application.

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