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Power Supply (quantity x [v & mAh]): 1x AAA, 1.2v Rechargable 800mAh
IR Led Strength (ma): 100
IR Field of view (degree's): 50
IR LED Supplier (inc code if poss): Vishay TSAL6400
IR LED location on pen (tip, side, back): Tip
Resistor (none/ohms):none
Switch type: SPDT Micro
Working distance from Wiimote (line of sight distance from board to wiimote) (m): approx 3m
Maximum distance from Wiimote (m): tested to about 10m
Light conditions (dark/bright/ambient): bright/ambient (fluro tubes)
Location of the Wiimote (give detail- distance/height/angle/mounting): 1/2 left of whiteboard at desk height
Projection media (whiteboard/sheet/projector screen/LCD): Whiteboard
Special instructions on hold pen to ensure success: Stand to right of pen
Bluetooth connection (internal/external & manufactures software/BlueSolie/other) HP Internal Stack
3 most commonly used programs controlled with Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard: Onenote, AnnotatePro2.0, windows
Anything else relevant:

Another step in making this tech more accessible!
Any chance of a XP version???


The Wiimote specifically detects lights around 940nm (a wavelength undetectable to the human eye, which can only see light between 750nm and 350nm approx). Wavelengths below 940nm are specifically filtered by the red filter at the front of the device. You will find some hacks on youtube involving removing the filter and using the Wiimote to track other lower wavelength light sources like laser light, which work well in dark conditions but not in normal light as the ambient light will overload the tracking.

Essentially it depends on which wavelength your ambient light is emitting ???

In a classroom with some ambient sunlight and full fluorescent tubes lighting the classroom there is no effect as all light emmitt light with a wavelength well below 950nm. Thus I find the Wiimote and 940nm IR-Led works awesome.

However, if a flame, sunlight or other infrared source is present then yes this will affect the performance of your Wiimote.

You can actually test the Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard software using a cigarette lighter which emits enough Infrared light for the Wiimote to detect and track.

If you are having trouble getting the Wiimote to track you IR-Led it is more likely that your IR-Led is either under powered or lacks strength.



The accelerometer is an internal device, with all data transmitted through Bluetooth. Like most Bluetooth about a 10m range. As with all communication devices they are subject to conditions, interference, etc.

Best way to find out is to experiment, specific to your conditions. Use a basic application, which responds to a button click and see how far away from your Bluetooth radio you can go before disconnection or reduced performance.

Once you know, please post your findings and update the wiki's


Added a new lesson on preffered wave lengths

 :D :D :D

IR Pens / Re: What is the Wiimote's Preferred Peak Wavelength???
« on: May 24, 2008, 11:16:05 PM »

I tried a 80 degree viewing angle 100ma IR-LED it was terrible, very irratic tracking. Its wave length was 880nm, that was the only varience other than the Viewing Angle from the Vishay TSAL6400.

Will add to my knowledgebase  ;).


IR Pens / Re: Inside my IR Pen
« on: May 23, 2008, 07:53:25 PM »
If I use a 12v battery plus a 1,2 Kohm resistor, is there any risc of over powering the IR led?...

I used to check my reasearch for that post. Best to post them your question with more details on your power source (max/min/typical voltage) and they will help.


IR Pens / Re: Inside my IR Pen
« on: May 23, 2008, 06:22:24 AM »
The Vishay TSAL6400 is max 1.6v so 12v is hugely over powering (I assume you are typing "twelve volts" not "one point two volts" as I am). The average is 1.35v (see data sheet So a 1.5v AA or AAA is just ample although I am using a 1.2v rechargable AAA which works awesome and doesn't require a resistor so two less solders to screw up!

I'm in Australia mate, so no good getting posted from europe only to post back.

This is the list of Vishay Distributors in Finland from Vishay's website: They list Farnell Finland:
Kirkonkylantie 3B
Helsinki, Finland
Phone: 358-9-3455 400
Fax: 358-9-3455 411
Email: [email protected]
Vishay TSAL6400 from Farnell Finland (I think it says 6781 in stock, although I can't read Finlandian!!!)

This is the same company I bought mine.They use the manufacturers product codes.



Holding buttons 1&2 from beginning of connection until application executes (1 Blue Led at base remote lights up). I need to do this every now and then (I think the connection drops between connection and application execution) Why don't know?, Just works!

Failing that do diagnose try:
a) Connecting as above
b) Run Jason Smiths or other totally different app from Johnny's Wiimote hack apps.

Given your picture shows Wiimote connected (the yellow dotted line, no connection, no line) if app works will confirm a problem with software.


IR Pens / Re: Inside my IR Pen
« on: May 22, 2008, 04:25:23 AM »
You will find the wider the viewing angle the better it will work as an IR-Pen for an Wiimote Interactive whiteboard. As pen is directed at whiteboard, not the wiimote (may be different for other Wiimote Hacks).

I have tried a number of different IR-Leds including TSAL6200 (same everything as TSAL6400 with a relatively slightly narrow viewing angle) and several other manufacturers IR-Leds including a IR-Led with an 80 degree viewing angle none have worked better than the TSAL6400. I am about to test a TSAL7600 which requires a higher voltage but has a 60 degree viewing angle.

Once I get my reports done I'm going to run an experiment to quantify which is better.

You will find 12v is hugely over powering your Led, double check your resistance or risk blowing your Led very quickly. I found a 1.2v rechargeable works perfect for the 1.35v Vishay TSAL6400 and no resistor required (two less solders to mess up). See my post it will help you understand the electronic basics of IR-Leds including calculating required voltage and resistance.


IR Pens / Re: Inside my IR Pen
« on: May 21, 2008, 07:54:10 AM »

The Vishay TSAL6400 came from UK posted to Australia for free (min $10 order). I assume should be able to post to Finland for similar cost???

UndCon: Given it is acutely obvious the best results are in the Vishay TSAL6400 and there are numerous post on the same topic "where can I buy them from?" is it worth compiling a list of suppliers perhaps through a wiki so can be modified and updated by users???


IR Pens / Re: Am I that dense?
« on: May 20, 2008, 05:40:10 PM »
Check my post:

It will explain how to do the following:

1. Ensure correct polarity (only one choice)
2. Ensure adequte voltage (may be under supplying, a drained battery may be under supplying)
3. Ensure correct resistor (1.5 surge may blow a 1.2)
4. Check works by viewing through a mobile phone

Failing all this, I guess yes you have a dud or may have blown.


The coloured pens is easy:
Use Annotate Pro (

Can sellect various colours, annoate, highlight and draw pictures.

I love the sound of a handwriting to text. Can something be stolen for PDA's???

Ben :-)

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: SIMPLE QUESTION
« on: May 19, 2008, 12:02:49 AM »
Whilst setting up and trying different configurations of my trial and error IR-Pen's I have been using my Home PC with CRT monitor.

I have found the monitor does affect the traceability of the pen. I ended up putting my Wiimote over my monitor and shining it onto a piece of cardboard. I configured the four points on the cardboard. The same pen would then work far better.

I don't have enough electronic background to explain, but I found the CRT monitor did affect the performance of the pen. The pen felt funny moving across the monitor too, not sure if this was an electromagnetic thing or not?

The only way to find out is to suck & see!


I would also like to know the power per angle (mW/sr)...

Excuse my electrical   :D noobness :D but:
A) What is this and what does it mean for the Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard user/manufacturer?
B) Can this be found on manufacturer’s datasheet? Thus the poster by providing the IR-Led Supplier and product code will allow viewers to find the manufacture’s datasheet and the more detailed technical information they need.

However, if this is a really important detail, I will certainly add to the list of data I'm collecting.

I hope to have a fairly comprehensive picture of 'How/what' successful pen's are being built in the next few weeks.


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