Author Topic: Asynchronous LED blinking to allow more than 4 tracking points?  (Read 6265 times)

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I've read that the IR controller in the wiimote can only process 4 points at any one time.

Is it possible that by asynchronously flickering IR LED's then more than 4 LED's could be detected?

For example, the wiimote apparently updates at 100hz, 4 LED's could pulse on the even cycles, and another 4 could pulse on the odd cycles, and then this interleaving could be extrapolated in the pc, giving 8 signals at 50hz?

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Yeah, it should be possible.

There may be certain drawbacks that you may face such as low intensity of the detected IR. It would be best if you try it out.

It may be better if you use a web camera instead if you intend to detect many IR points.

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