Author Topic: The sword, an IR light pen with reach and style, and a very funny spokes person.  (Read 10923 times)

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This IR pen has been created from a "light saber" like child's toy.


It's sword like appearance should thrill any young grade school boy and get him running to the front of the room. It will also help shorter students and teachers to be able to reach and use the top of their board space because it is a full 18 inches long, adding about 12 to 13 inches of reach.


LED:           TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW

Batteries:   3 internal button cells, AG13, 4.5 volts total, included and easy to replace.

Resistor:    33 ohm.
Button:      1 low profile plastic button at the top of the handle.

Material:     Plastic.

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