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Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Re: An (un)success story
« on: March 07, 2008, 09:50:50 PM »
A quick update.  This software and bluetooth dongle work fine with XP, but it doesn't connect when using Vista.  Yet another reason to love it.

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / An (un)success story
« on: March 06, 2008, 07:47:35 PM »
Hello all.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to experiment with cheapness.  At walmart they have a 20 dollar USB Bluetooth dongle  I purchased it (since I am on a limited budget) hoping that it would work fine.  I got it home, installed the software it came with, and was ready to hopefully set up the wiimote.

I connected the wiimote to the computer just fine.  It was detected, said connected, and I even was able to select the keyboard/mouse input HID.  However, the wiimote whiteboard program would say that the wiimote was not connected.

I heard of much success using blue soleil so I downloaded that software and installed it,replacing the drivers and software that came with the dongle.  However, even with the dongle connected blue soleil would say that not bluetooth device could be found.

I am running on a gateway laptop with no internal bluetooth (obviously) with Windows Vista.

Is there anything that I might try in order to make it work?  If not, we now know that the 20 buck wallyworld dongle will not suit our needs.

This was a good code change for mose people but I don't think it will work for my particular case.  I really liked the idea of a system tray icon that you click and then your next click is a right click.  Has anyone actually implemented this change?  As a high school teacher, I like the ability to open Paint and actually draw equations, so holding down the button for a right click would not work for my case because I have to hold it anyway to draw.  Also, I like to draw on slides in powerpoint since someone fixed the code to allow that in Powerpoint 2007. The tray icon won't allow for a write click in powerpoint but I can live with that.

If the code is implemented in such as way as to emulate the right-click functionality of a mobile device, then the hold-and-click for right click will only activate if the pointer isn't moving.  So if you are in the process of drawing or writing while holding down the mouse, then it won't attempt to begin right-clicking.

At least, that's how I hoped they programmed it.  Won't know till we see the code.

This was the type of right-click that I had been believe would be the best solution. Let me know if you still need a host or whenever you get the program up.

Whiteboard / Re: Whiteboard app with left click right click or move only
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:21:44 PM »
Hrm.  I really like the idea of having it be three separate objects that you can select.  I envision perhaps a small window that just has 3 circles on it (or squares, or triangles, any kind of shape really), each a different color.  When you enter the mouse on this part, it selects the certain style of input.  For example, red shape is right click, blue shape is left click, green shape is move only. 

Having it in the window allows you to bring the box with you if you are on a larger projection, or must move to a different position on the board to keep access easy.

Another solution is the right click on Windows Mobile devices.
You tab and hold the screen and then dots appear in a circle. when the circle is full then the action is interpreted as rightclick.
works pretty well

Yes, this is what I was referring to...

I had an idea for a right click that I thought up while using my phone the older day.  In order to utilize a right-click with the stylus, you pressed onto the screen until a series of lights lit up, then the right-click menu appeared.  Could some code be created that runs either simultaneously, or even built in, with the WiiMote Whiteboard software, that utilizes this functionality?

This way, you can still click and drag around to highlight or move windows, but if held in place, it brings up the light sequence to activate the right-click menu (or action)?

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