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IR Pens / IR pen project- Tide To Go touch-sensitive pen
« on: September 29, 2010, 12:31:44 PM »
I'm planning to build a Tide-To-Go touch sensitive pen with step-by-step documentation.

So far I have the tide-to-go pen, a Vishay TSAL6400 LED is on the way from Newark, and I plan to wire it to a single aaa battery.
I'm borrowing a wiimote from a friend next mon-friday because they only play on the weekends. I'll definitely buy one if it all works as planned.

Do you have any advice before I start?

I've seen the posts about Skimmer's pen (acknowledgement, I wouldn't be doing this without your example, thanks)

Do I need a resistor? My plan is pretty simple at this point..
AAA Battery -> Spring (completes the circuit on pressure) -> 6400 -> back to AAA battery

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