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on: November 08, 2009, 10:02:41 PM


I am currently working on a  project whose purpose is to create a sort of walking pedometer, where a patient
will carry a PDA that receives walking data from a Wii Remote. I will have an application
running on the phone that will report data back to the patient, and also manage the Wii Remote connection.
This application is to be written in C#. I have been working for a while now on trying to open
up a connection/data stream to the Wii Remote. Here are a couple of things I have tried:

1). libraries - Third Party bluetooth library for .net compact. Unfortunately
L2CAP protocol (the underlying HID protocol that the Wii Remote uses) is apparently unsupported
in this library.

2). BlueInput - Program that allows the user to hook up a bluetooth keyboard/mouse to windows mobile
devices. I have been able to run this program and connect with the Wii Remote (the lights on the Wii
Remote continue to flash indefinitely).  The problem is that the program does not really understand
the messages that the Wii Remote is sending, and therefore nothing happens. I also do not have the source
code to this program.

3). WiiMob - This program uses a managed C# wii remote library (that is supposed to be used for a PC)
to exploit HID bluetooth services. I have downloaded and run a sample project and I can get it running,
however the developer who wrote the source for it apparently claims that it is not fully functional yet...
(the program fails when it tries to open up a data stream with the Wii Remote).

Does anyone have any experience in interfacing Wii Remotes to Windows Mobile devices? Are there any other
paths you recommend I take?



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Reply #1 on: September 14, 2010, 02:50:12 AM
Thex has developed Wiimote Connect using InTheHand.Net:

I don't know how he did... try to ask him!