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on: May 21, 2013, 09:21:06 PM
Hello all, im a bit new to this, and also pretty bad at scripting.  Im trying to use my wiimotion plus wiimote and nunchuck combo to play games that use the traditional wasd mouse setup. Ideally I would use the nunchucks analog stuck to do the wasd part and the a for left click, b right click, z for jump and c for tab.  I found a bunch of scripts online, but I coulndt get any to really work how I wanted them too. Is there a template script where i can just fill in what keys i want to do what function?  Would the easiest solution be to make, for example, the up analog press the "w" key, so that I wouldnt have to rebind the keys in each game? How would I do that?

Oh yeah, im running glovepie  0.43
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