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Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Failing to Install Drivers
« on: November 02, 2011, 01:53:10 PM »
Purchased about 16 sets of IWB supplies from IRGREAT last year. They worked wonderfully under windows xp. Not so much under Windows 7. Before I go through the symptoms, let me clarify the setup. The wiimotes are using the usb to power outlet via a remote controlled switch sold through IRGREAT. The on/off remote turns on the wiimotes, and the battery bay has a knob that holds down the sync button inside the battery tray. Handy.

Here is the situation.

Windows 7 32bit

At times when you first start the computer, and then immediately start smoothboard, and then turn on the wiimote, it will connect. Sometimes. If we're lucky. When I say "working", I mean that the first indicator light on the wiimote lights up, the drivers install properly, and the software starts up. Everything is fine. Again, this is rare. On these rare occasions, although it works, it does prompt to restart the computer for changes to take place. I can discard the message and keep working, and everything will be fine. Still rare. It should work every time, and not just 1/10 reboots.

Here is what happens the rest of the time.

1. With wiimote powered off, the computer is turned on and logged into.
2. Start Smoothboard,
3. turn on wiimote

it finds the wiimote, says installing on the smoothboard window, and a notification pops up showing that new hardware is detected and that it is going to install the driver. Almost immediately it then says failure to install the driver. It loops through the process of finding the hardware, trying to install the driver, and then telling me it cant. I'm an administrator on this computer as well.

to make things even more interesting, it doesn't do this on all of the school computers even though we put the same windows image on all computers. Any help would be appreciated.

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