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Wiimote Smoothboard / Smyth County School Board
« on: June 18, 2010, 08:18:01 PM »
Good luck to my worthy compeditors on getting this order. May the best company win.

Whalebone IR and Software

IR Pens / The sword II, an IR light pen with even more reach
« on: February 20, 2010, 04:06:14 AM »
Reach the top of your board. Help a short student out! Kill a sand person!! (<--Star Wars reference)

This home modified IR light pen looks like a laser sword and gives you 22 full inches of extra reach. The pen is the longest IR pen on the market, which makes it easy to use with large display surface... 72 inch, 100 inches. It's up to you.
Dimensions:   28 1/2 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter at it's widest.
LED:              VISHAY TSAL 6400 25 degrees 25 mW
Material:       Plastic, with internal wires and electronics
Power:          3 AA batteries, included.

Proper design: All of my pens contain a current limiting resister, for excellent battery life, and point the IR LED directly at the Wii remote. This is a design plan that makes all the difference, for smooth, trouble free operation of the system.

So why would YOU need an IR pen? or the Wii Interactive Whiteboard system?

Here are just some of the things you can do with it: Teach classes or give training sessions. Increase student’s retention by letting them play interactive games with the material, not just sit in their desks dosing off. Save huge amounts of time on lesson planning because if you find it on the internet, it can go DIRECTLY to the front of your classroom, and there is a TON of free, high quality content on the internet. Go to for free power points. When you do have to lecture you can be WAY MORE efficient then using a regular white board. An interactive white board can fill an entire board with one click, and erase it (totally white) with one click as well. Do you have students with allergies? Get this system and say good bye to chalk dust and marker dust. I could say more… so I will.

You can use an interactive white board at home to:
Control ANY program that works with a mouse. Draw accurately with instafeedback. Drawing will feel natural, like painting on a canvas, or using pen and paper. (larger and better then a graphics tablet). Play games with your children or help them with their homework. This system is so natural and easy to use that young children will be able to start learning to work with computers at a much younger age. Try Kidpix, awesome program.
When your children get older you will be able to help them with their homework without having to stoop down around a tiny computer screen and ruin your back. What I do is put my fiancés' college term papers on the wall. We read, correct, and proof read them together without needing to print them out. In this way we save paper and that expensive printer ink. We can review our travel photos on a 72 inch screen, browse the internet at that size too. We also can play win, lose or draw at our dinner parties. The funnier pictures we save to the hard drive.  We may have to stop this one, our friends are getting mad as us.

All units are tested and working perfectly before I ship them, and I pack them with great care.

This sword is avilable on ebay for an  great introductory price. Order soon, I’m not sure how long I can hold this price point. Great pictures are available on ebay as well.

Have you heard of Second Life? I have a store for my pens in Second Life now. It's a fee, 3D interactive game, like World of Warcraft. But it's more about meeting people and dancing then killing monsters and taking their treaasure. The coolest thing is that you can build the game inside the game, and it has its own built in scripting language called Linden script.

This IR stationary source makes right clicking absolutely easy, because it was designed to work with SMOOTHBOARD in presenter mode. In presenter mode, you don't hold your IR pen in your hand, you hold the Wii mote in your hand, and your ir light source remains stationary. This is very similar to the way the Wii sensor bar works accept that it works with one IR LED instead of two.


Working in this way has the great advantage that all of the buttons on the Wii remote are at your disposal. So, what I recommend is using the Smoothboard's reassignment functions to re-map the keys in this way.  Map the A button to a standard left mouse click, and left the trigger button do a right click. You only have to create this mapping once and them Smoothboard will load it for you each time it loads itself, or once you switch to presenter mode. You can purchase this great new item on EBAY, just search for IR pen, even though it's not actually a pen.

Check back with this ad in a bit and I will be posting more details and close up pictures.


LEDs:           TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW for IR and
                    One superbright white LED for an on/off indicator.

Batteries:   3 internal button cells, AG13, 4.5 volts total, included and easy to replace.

Resistor:    22 ohm.
Switch:      Small single throw slider switch. Turn it on and it stays on until you turn it off.

Material:     Plastic.

This IR pen has been created from a "light saber" like child's toy.


It's sword like appearance should thrill any young grade school boy and get him running to the front of the room. It will also help shorter students and teachers to be able to reach and use the top of their board space because it is a full 18 inches long, adding about 12 to 13 inches of reach.


LED:           TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW

Batteries:   3 internal button cells, AG13, 4.5 volts total, included and easy to replace.

Resistor:    33 ohm.
Button:      1 low profile plastic button at the top of the handle.

Material:     Plastic.

General Discussion / Competition is trying to catch up.
« on: October 21, 2009, 04:33:27 AM »
Hey folks I just stumbled across a company that is selling an interactive white board system which works on largly the same principles as our beloved WiiMote white board. They call their device view touch and they are selling it for $350.00 dollars.  Get more information at: The Wii system is still less expensive but this is getting too close for comfort because this View Touch would have no bluetooth connection hassles, and no hacking of a permanent power solution. This now gets power from a USB connection, I assume. I didn't see any specs on the camera resolution.  Anyway, I thought I'd make us all aware.

Say Hi! / Hello everyone. WhaleboneIR website is now up and running
« on: October 13, 2009, 03:35:54 AM »
Hi everyone. This is not exactly an introduction, since I have been posting to the board for months but I thought that this would be an appropriate place to announce that I have just bought my web site online. Please check it out at  I like to think of myself as having the most creative and fun pens on the market. 

I have a model called the GUM BOX which looks just like a Wii remote.

I have a model call the sword which looks like a laser sword and provides 14 inches of reach!!

I have a model called the VAMP which places a rubber finger puppet over the end of my standard model and lets you suck blood and write on the wall... kidding about the suck blood part.

You will be able to buy IR pens directly from the website soon, but for now, go to ebay and search for "ir pen".  Any pen there by user shakespeare1212 will be mine, or rather yours if you click Buy Now.  Anyway, I love the Wiimote system and I'm having a blast. I am well versed in electorics, and computer programming, and I was a math teacher in the L. A. Unified School District, so I think I have a lot of background in common with the people on the site. Send me any questions you might have, through ebay, or by emailing to [email protected].

Thank for reading.


IR Pens / Flower Power, die cut IR pen
« on: September 30, 2009, 04:59:19 AM »
Adorable IR pen creation, FLOWER POWER!!

This IR pen has been created from a art store wooden cutouts and hand painted.

This pen was made with the grade school class room in mind, especially the girl. I is shaped just like a tulip. I know this may seem a little crazy, but that's the point. It works great. the electronic base is that same as the one I use for my mark 5 pens


LED:           TSAL6400, 25 degree, 12mW

Batteries:   2 AA.
Button:      2 comfortable plastic buttons, red and green in color. One of them operates the pen, the other does nothing.

Material:     Plastic, wooden craft stick and craft die cuts.

Please check out this and my other IR pens on ebay. My ebay handle is shakespeare1212. Or contact me via email at [email protected]  

Click this link to go to ebay and search for IR pen immediately.

Kid pix is an awesome drawing program for kids. I used it successfully with a smart board, but when I tried it with the Wii system, for some reason every thing got shifted to the right by about 6 inches, and up a little bit.  Has anyone else tried Kid Pix and had the same problem?  Does anyone know what might be going on here and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance,


Adorable IR pen creation, THE GUM BOX!

This IR pen has been created from a box of Wii gum. If you would really like to spread the word about the Wii remote project use this pen as your pointer and the Wii will be both on your roof and in your hand.

It is also easy to tell the difference between this pointer and a marker if both are in your pocket.  Stop fumbling, just pull out your Wii, and write on the board.


LED:           TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW

Batteries:   2 internal button cells, Sorry, these are hard to replace.
Button:      1 low profile plastic button in the center of the unit.

Material:     durabable tin box.

Please check out this and my other IR pens on ebay. My ebay handle is shakespeare1212. Or contact me via email at [email protected] 

Clcik this link to go to ebay and search for IR pen immediately.

IR Pens / IR pen, The Mark 5, only $5.50
« on: August 08, 2009, 12:46:04 PM »
The mark 5, only $5.50, plus shipping and handling, while they last.

Please check out my IR pens on ebay.  Yes, many are wrapped in electrical tape, but I have tried other pens, and I come across a key design enhancement that makes my pens work better.  They also use 2 standard AA batteries which are very easy find and to change.  Pictured here is the first model I thought was ready to sell.  I call it the mark 5, because there were 4 other models I experimented with.

Here are some of the other specifications:

LED: TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW
Batteries:2 AA, not included
Buttons:2 cofortable spring backed push buttons. One activates the LED and the other just looks cool.  Tell your students it’s a death ray.  ;D
Other:Current limiting resistor

I am having a blast designing these things and coming up with new ideas.  To purchase just go to ebay by clicking here:

and search for "IR PEN".

If you don't want to use ebay, then email me at [email protected]  and we will work out another way to complete the transaction.

Look for my other useful models which are ready for the big time, with cute names such as: "Big Daddy", "The Gum Box", “The Toe” and "The Princess".

Would you like me to design a pen just for you?  I could put your child, or spouse’s picture, right on the handle. Email me and we will talk.

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