Author Topic: is it all bluetooth adapter can be used to connect with wiimote?  (Read 9582 times)

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is it all bluetooth adapter can be used to connect with wiimote?
if not,can u list up the bluetooth adapter that suitable with wiimote..?

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Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 03:07:54 AM

Most Bluetooth adaptors should work with the Wiimote. However, there may be differences in the connectivity to the Wiimote across different Bluetooth stacks.

If you are using Smoothboard, we do recommend you to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack which allows SmoothConnect to automatically connect your Wiimote/Wiimotes.

The Bluetooth adaptors that is compatible with the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack are sold by our resellers as listed on

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I was using Smoothboard daily about two years ago.  I had a setup with two wiimotes and three wireless Bluetooth keyboards and mouses.

I was using a Toshiba laptop without built-in Bluetooth.  My experience showed me that the ubiquitous cheap  half-moon CSR v2.0 dongles did not work as well as the inexpensive CSR v2.1 + EDR dongles.  With the former I experienced frequent disconnections of Bluetooth devices.  I experienced no difficulties with the latter.


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Thanks for sharing your experience!