Author Topic: Make a multitouch with a paint  (Read 5132 times)

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on: March 24, 2010, 10:16:41 AM
Hello, I made a multitouch application from Johnny Lee application. I can't open the multitouch from Johnny Lee, so use the WiimoteWhiteboardv03.
But I got some trouble. I confuse to pass the 2nd position to my paint. I know 1st position is passed by using user32.

And then I tried to make those 2 application become 1 project, so I can pass the 2nd position directly to paint.
But when I start drawing, the cursor mouse become slower and could not catch up with my pen.

Then I tried to change my paint to disable the drawing, and it worked correctly.
I've a conclusion that threading from WiimoteWhiteboardv03 can't work properly when I want to draw(picturebox_paint).
I work with c# and I use a picturebox to draw.