Author Topic: Using two TSAL-6400s in parallel and powering them...  (Read 5241 times)

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on: November 03, 2010, 01:09:05 PM
My master plan ( evil laugh ) involves mounting a wiimote over my monitor and attaching two TSAL-6400 LEDs to my wireless bluetooth headset. Ideally I want them to be powered by a single rechargeable triple A battery.

However, I have a problem. This would be 1.2V, the TSAL-6400s require 1.35V to run at maximum efficiency. I don't know how much I'm losing on them if I run them at 1.2V and if I add two batteries then it quickly gets too heavy for my blueparrott headset to hold up. Plus, I can run 1.5V through these LEDs fine without resistors or anything complicated. Once I get to 2.4V, I have to start adding resistors and making it complicated.

I'm also curious as to what is the best software for doing this. Eventually I want to be able to use an IR glove as well, depending on how well software support for that is... Coincidentally, what would be the best/fastest/least intrusive software solution to use for this? I just need mouse cursor support and possibly, if I make the IR glove, a way to detect 'clicks', possibly something like mentioned in this thread:

Calibration would probably be useful, too, haha.