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Wiimote Finger Tracking / Re: Wiiusej 2 wiimotes CNC machine
« on: April 15, 2013, 03:13:39 AM »
Is there anyone active on this forum?

Wiimote Finger Tracking / Wiiusej 2 wiimotes CNC machine
« on: April 12, 2013, 01:47:58 AM »
Hello guys,

My name is Pascal, Im 20 years old and doing an internship at a machine factory in Holland. They asked me to test if it is possible to get IR data out of an Wiimote and use it to control a CNC machine. Actually the idea is to use it for something else but there rest confidentiality on it.

To make this story short: It is possible and Im using Wiiusej library to receive IR data and format them into Gcode. The CNC machines moves when I move the IR led. Now Ive been trying to connect the second wiimote and it was also possible,but when I try to get both IR data out of it and declare them like event1 and event2 wich the number stand for the wiimote1 and wiimote2, it seems not to be possible.

The things ive tried are:
- Getting Wiimote ID when connecting both Wiimotes. ==> Only one wiimote is giving his ID like ; ID: 1
- Getting al IRevents that were received from both wiimotes, it seems only one wiimote is giving his IRevent.

Does anyone tried it before with the Wiiusej library? Im not asking for another library, because I like to stick with this one, as it seems to be very stable and easy to use. If somebody has a library in Java wich is already made for 3D tracking, it would be nice.

Sorry for my blurry english grammar.

Thanks in advance
Kind regards

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