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     As you may already know the Toshiba Bluetooth stack is only "free" to download for 30 days for unsupported bluetooth adapters (non Toshiba hardware).  If you want to use a bluetooth adapter that is unsupported (i.e. does not have a chipset made for Toshiba), you may follow the directions in this thread:   Please note though that the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is a trial version and will prompt you to pay after 30 days.  Not all "cheap" bluetooth adapters can use an alternate bluetooth stack effectively and it would be very hard to tell unless you or someone else has experience with the specific bluetooth adapter.

   If you do really want to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, you will most likely want to purchase a Bluetooth Adapter that has a supported chipset that will install the Toshiba Stack without issue.  In fact, most supported bluetooth adapters include a cd with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack by default.   A few of the resellers in this forum carry a Toshiba Bluetooth Stack supported bluetooth adapter:


The 8.0.2 stack is not the only driver that will work, but you can use the driver in the document you refer to or see a listing here:

  You may be able to find a vendor in your area that does indeed sell a bluetooth chipset that supports the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.  They usually don't advertise that the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is included, so you'll need to read the specs on each bluetooth adapter you come across. 

  I hope this information helps  :D


    Thank you very much for your question.  A few questions and then I'll make sure to include some steps you could take right away.

What Bluetooth Stack are you using?  
Did you remove any previously installed bluetooth stacks before installing the cubix adapter?

   It is highly recommended that you use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack and use smoothconnect in Smoothboard.  Alternatively, your cubix bluetooth adapter can also use the Toshiba Bluetooth stack and many users find this experience to be the best way to connect everyday.  Please see the following url if you wish to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for reliable connections (please note: if using a Wii Remote Plus, the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is required):

   Your particular situation may be best solved with access to the Smoothboard User Guide.  You can find the user guide at the following url:    Please note that your issue can be found under Chapter 7 section 4 (7.4).  

   If this post was not helpful to you or you have more questions, please feel free and email us at [email protected] or Smoothboard at [email protected]

Thanks again,

iWiiBoard / Re: Desperate help with bluetooth
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:39:22 PM »
By your description, you may be using the Widcomm Bluetooth stack.  As RonnieJi has posted, iWiiboard only uses the microsoft bluetooth stack.   If you were using an alternate program and using the Widcomm Bluetooth stack, pressing the Alt key and the s key at the same may work to skip the passkey screen.

Welcome to the Wiimote Project and the best of luck to you!

Thank you for your question chelaoam.

The software used in the video is made by Smart Systems to be used with their student response systems and Interactive Whiteboards.  The program itself is named Notebook  and Smart Systems has several variations of the notebook software.  If you would like more information on this software, please visit the following url:

If you have additional questions, please let us know.
[email protected]

IR Pens / Re: Tip Activated Infrared IR Pen from
« on: November 05, 2010, 11:58:58 PM »
Thank you for your interest.  We do not currently sell this item on ebay, but this infrared pen is for sale at our main web store     If you are looking for the exact product page, please visit the following url:

Thank you again for your interest,

Wireless Remote Sync Accessory from

This new addition to our lineup offers a non wired option for remotely syncing your wii remote. It offers the same features of our wired remote sync accessory, but uses a wireless rf (radio frequency) remote to put the wii remote into discovery mode.

This setup also solves a few problems with previous products that are controlled via an rf signal.

#1:  Limited Frequencies:  Many of the rf products you will see only have one or two frequencies.  This means that if a school were to purchase more than one, it is entirely possible and probable that users could without knowledge be turning off and on another colleague's wii remote.  This is because the unit uses an rf signal which goes through walls up from anywhere from 30-100 feet.  Our setup allows for 16 different frequencies to be programmed and can be widely implemented in schools.

#2: Not expandable: Many of the other rf products come with the ability to only turn on 1 wii remote at a time.  Our unit can be expanded to accommodate any number (up to 16 depending on the remote you choose) of wii remotes or lamps.  There is no reason to have to buy a whole new unit to have the ability to control more than one wii remote or lamp at a time. 


Introductory price of $27.99

Base Receiver that powers one wii remote and allows for other power modules to be added:

Remotes Available to be added at no additional cost (choose one of the two):

Keychain Remote: Control up to 4 devices

Multifunction Remote: Control up to 16 devices and your vcr, tv, or dvd player.

Wireless Remote available to add for an additional cost:

Wireless Wall Mount: Control up to 3 Devices

Expandable options:

Add the ability to control extra wii remotes for $11.99 a piece:

Add the ability to control regular lamps up to 300 watts $4.99 a piece. (Will not work with power saving lamps or fluorescent lights):

**All of these products are designed to be used in conjunction with our AC/DC adapter to provide users with a way to remotely sync your wii remotes without wires.  Please see our webpage for details.

Introductory Video:

If you would like to visit our site and the products mentioned above, please visit:

Any questions?  Please email [email protected]


IR Pens / Re: Multi function IR pen losing power
« on: January 02, 2010, 11:19:48 AM »
Dear rockiesjt,
   By your description, it sounds like the batteries that were included in the pen drained quickly.  This is common as the installed batteries have been installed in the pen since production.  Please go ahead and replace these batteries with the new batteries that are included with the pen.  These new batteries should give you a much longer time of use (many hours depending on usage) then the previously used/tested batteries inside the pen.

   If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for posting your question!


Thank you for your post and question.

We do now have a 25 foot extension that pugs directly into our AC/DC adapter listed on our webpage.  We will also be selling a 12 foot extension within a weeks time.

Best wishes to you this new year,

IR Pens / Tip Activated Infrared IR Pen from
« on: December 23, 2009, 07:10:14 PM »
Touch Sensitive Infrared Pen from now has a touch sensitive infrared pen available that can be stored on any magnetic surface. Details and features listed below

  • Vishay TSAL6400 Infrared LED
  • Endcap to Protect infrared LED
  • Easily Removeable battery endcap with AAA battery and battery holder.
  • Rubberized triangular grip for ease of handling.
  • Embedded magnet that can be stored on any magnetic surface including a magnetic whiteboard.


Introductory Video of Product:


AC/DC Adapter and Remote Sync Available Now from has been working hard to help the wiimote whiteboard become a more permanent solution in the classroom.  This is why we are now offering a direct plug in adapter and insert for the wii remote.  This in conjunction with our remote sync accessory allows the user to never have to press the 1 and 2 buttons again!

AC/DC Adapter and Wii Remote Insert Specifications:
    This adapter works much like batteries in that it supplies the necessary power for safe and reliable use of your wii remote.
    • Input: 100-240 VAC (Can be used around the world with proper plug size adapter which we will carry shortly)
    • Output: 3 VDC
    • Cord Length: 6 Feet
    • White Extension Cord: 4 Feet
    • Total Length of Cords: 10 Feet

Wii Remote Insert/Mount Specifications
  • Inset 1/4" x 20 Thread Count for easy mounting for Tripods or our Ceiling Mounts
  • Green power indicator light
  • Fits snugly for easy installation
**Tested with both smoothboard 1.6 and Wiimote Whiteboard 1.0.1

$34.99   **Discount when bundled with our remote sync accessory. See webpage for details.

Hassle Free Wired Pushbutton Remote Sync Accessory

This remote sync accessory plugs directly into our AC/DC adapter and extension for a hassle free way to remotely sync your wii remote.  Need  to put your wii remote into discovery mode?  Just install this accessory (simple plug in), mount the pushbutton to your desk/wall/whiteboard and then press the button anytime you need to put the wii remote into discovery mode. No programming or batteries needed.
  • Barrel type plugs that plug directly into our ac adapter
  • Surface Mount Switch
  • 25 Foot long cord that allows for installation in almost any situation
  • Includes the "sync spot" that is installed on the sync button on the wii remote (see video demonstration below)

$19.99    *****Discount when bundled with our AC/DC adapter and Wii remote insert. See webpage for details.

Video Demonstration of product


Wireless Remote Sync to come soon.

Thank you wiipenmaker from and jmitchell from  You both have pointed out a main issue regarding the powering of the wii remote. Those familiar with the wii remote know that 5 volts will damage any wii remote.  However, the battery pack above has the internal components safe for use with any wii remote.  I'm not sure where wiipenmaker and jmitchell received the information about the output or the internal components of our product, but they obviously did not purchase from us.

We are excited to announce an addition to our mounting and powering options very soon. A constant source of power and accessories that will allow for remote syncing of the wii remote.  We will have a video posted soon as a preview of what is to come.

Again, teachwithtech thanks wiipenmaker and jmitchell for their efforts to make interactive whiteboard products accessible and inexpensive for teachers and presenters everywhere.

Thank you mystre. It looks like they do have a wireless option for remotely syncing to the wii remote.  This is one of the methods we are currently testing as well. We are also testing a wired method for those who would like a wired pushbutton option.

If you are looking for a long term option for power and remote syncing, the battery pack above is not for you.  Please purchase from wiijiiboard as they do have this option available now.  However, we are working on making both a wired and a wireless option available. We will post a video soon as a preview to the methods we hope to use for remote syncing.

Thanks again mystre for your post!


  We agree with you that using a 3 volt adapter is by far a better solution for a permanent power source. However, many of the teachers/presenters we've been in contact with do not want the hassle of wiring their own wiimote.  This is why we've made this solution available until we are able to provide a hassle free non-battery powered option.  We have used this battery pack option for many situations for well over a year without issue. 

Thanks again for your input,

Thanks Joe!

Sounds like we've been on a similar track in trying to find a permanent cost effective solution for the remote syncing option. We have been testing several methods and we hope to have a remote syncing option available within a few months. I look forward to your post in the future.


You are correct, you can buy 10 of these LED's for $2.80 at mouser.  However, their cheapest shipping option is $6.95.  $6.95 + $2.80= $9.75.   Our Price for 10: $6.99 with free shipping.

We just want to make these inexpensive for those who want to make a few of their own Infrared Pens. However, if you wish to purchase more than 10 Infrared LED's then mouser may begin to be a cheaper option depending upon how many you buy. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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