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General Software Talk / Compatibility in Windows 7
« on: November 06, 2009, 02:31:10 AM »
Hey Everyone,
I am thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 but I wanted to see if you guys have had any problems with the upgrade - in terms of the Wiimotes not functioning.
Do you recommend upgrading or is it a good idea to stay with Vista?


Hey guys, I tried connecting my Wiimote to my computer and after i while I got it connected. I even ran the Wiimote test app that is included with Johnny's source code. All of it works perfectly. However, when I tried running the Multipoint grid, it keeps saying that it cannot find any Wiimotes.
I checked my bluetooth and it is showing the connection and I ran the test app too. So I dont really know what to do. I would really appreciate any help here.
thanks a lot guys.


Hey guys, I am currently working on a project that would use the Wiimote to calculate how much mobility is possible in shoulder movements in different directions.
I tried downloading Johnny Lee's multi point grid but for some reason it tells me that it cant find the Wiimote. I tried running the Wiimote test application, but that worked fine. So does anyone have an idea as to how I could make that work?
Also, if you guys have any idea regarding how measure the mobility in terms of angles, I would really appreciate that. Right now I am considering directional cosine matrices, to have a 3D angle in terms of 3 2D projections.

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