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General Discussion / How to detect more than 4 IR LEDS
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:22:53 AM »
I use wiimotelib to detect 4 IR LEDS. I need to mak them 5 IR LEDS
I've read "With more than four objects visible, the camera is prone to rapidly switching between some of them. This could allow perception of more than four objects, at a reduced response speed and reliability." on

If the IR camera switches between more than 4 objects....which object does it choose to switch the 5th object with?
How do I know when it switches 2 objects
And Does it switch between only 2 objects or it doesn't have to switch always between the same 2 objects?

I am thinking about a project ..i found that the best way to make it is to use a wiimote
actually, I have never used it but I read and watch videos about it
i have 2 questions:
1- can I use one wiimote to track a display with sensors and an IR pen at the same time?
2- I heard about wiiiflash ans saw an application for it applicable to use it to track a display.....i mean I saw in the application that they used the wiimote to control the movement of a logo or an object can this object be the desktop and of course it won,t just be a screen shot..and instead of the wiimote it will be a display tracked by a wiimote

thnx :)

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