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When we uninstall everything and then plug in the dongle, MS either says that nothing is installed or says nothing at all. It doesn't give us the traditional option to search for and install driver software. It seems that it has software on the drive that it tries to install and then fails ... and that's it.

Any clues?


We were using the Whiteboard software, though have also tried the Smoothboard as well.


Edit: I don't understand why it should work so well connecting to a table, be able to see the WII in the listing and yet ... not be able to connect. It seems to me that the software is looking for a particular string ... in which case there ought to be a way to tell the software to look for some other string.

My daughter is off to uninstall all the blue tooth drivers.



My 13 year old daughter was excited to try the whiteboard project. I even have the pen already set up for her. That might have been hasty.

Unfortunately, we can't get the Wiimote to connect. We get the message:

  "Exception: Wiimote not found in HID device list.""

We are using the Asus BT-211 which I hoped was nearly identical to the BT-21 which is on the approved BT device list. Using the drivers that came with the BT-211, we can connect a tablet to the computer and do things like stream audio.

But the computer can see the Wiimote.  The WII remote shows up in the BT device list on Windows  as:

  Nintendo RVL-CNT-01

We've tried changing this to "Wiimote" in hopes that the Whiteboard is looking for the Wiimote string. No luck.
Its a genuine WIImote, though it is cross-branded with Lego.

So far we've tried installing the MicroSoft suite and the Broadcom drivers. We've tried just about every combination of these. We've been through the trouble-shooting sticky list in this forum.

This is running on a Windows 7 netbook no native BT device.

Any help would be appreciated!


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