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Thanks so much! Checking these out. :)

I've just set up my Wiimote whiteboard and now am combing the internet for open-source software to use with it.

I've got a number of Powerpoint presentations and pics and stuff that I use in class (I'm an ESL teacher in Istanbul, Turkey) and something that I could really use is a programme similar to paint, with the same tools and stuff, but with the background transparent, so you open it and can still see the powerpoint or internet browser or whatever is behind the programme. This could then be used to make notes on stuff, and then (ideally built into the toolbar, click for a screenshot that could be saved and easily accessed.

I can totally see it in my head. I wish I were a programmer!

If anyone knows of something like this out there already, please point me at it.

Last night I set up my Wiimote Whiteboard and Ws so excited because I got it working. Then I started playing around with it and all of a sudden my computer was seeing the Wiimote, but not really talking to it. The blue lights were flashing and BlueSoleil saw the Wiimote, but then nothing there was neer a single blue light. I had installed Wiimote Smoothboard, but it was saying that there was no Wiimote connected.

I came here to find solutions but all I could find was stuff that said that the bluetooth dongle was not compatible, but I knew this wasn't true, because it had worked before that. I then backtracked and realised that for some reason, with Johnny Lee's Wiimote Whiteboard program at it was fine, but when I installed Boon Jin's Smoothboard the flashing light thing happened. So I use them both and all is well with my world :o)

Just thought I'd post it for anyone else whose blue lights flash nonstop, and may be tempted to change their perfectly fine bluetooth dongle. Forgive me if this info is somewhere else as well.

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